Ac Chemical Overhaul Service Chennai is one of the high demanding-after services in the city. A chemical cleaning Ac in Chennai service is a handy way for maintaining air-conditioner efficiency at maximum level. It may help you as a potent tool to restore an old AC, which is not operational for many years, usually installed in old houses.

Chemical cleaning Ac in Chennai or chemical ov

erhaul service is a method that utilizes chemical-based cleaners to recondition or restore your air conditioner.

Firstly, it needs to clarity chemical cleaning and standard servicing from professionals. These is difference kind of servicing.
For the standard servicing, the technician mostly cleans the exterior parts of fan co

ac-chemical-overhaul-service-chennaiil such as cleaning air filter cover, blower (without any dismantling) and evaporate. Difference of chemical overhauls, the technician will take off all the key pieces of fan coil, such as fan coils, water trays, and air filters, will be dismantled and washed with a chemical-based solution. This helps wash the accumulated dust and dirt on the internal components. A chemical overhaul will even go deeper than that ensuring your pipes are clean allowing the free flow of air and the peak performance of the Ac unit.

When you request professional help for regular cleaning, they will mostly clean the machine’s exterior parts, but chemical cleaning is entirely different. The key pieces, such as fan coils, water trays, and air filters, will be dismantled and washed with a chemical-based solution. This helps wash the accumulated dust and dirt on the internal components, thus increasing your system’s cooling performance.

Chemical overhaul is used as a form of Ac maintenance or repair, unlike chemical cleaning. You may need to go for an overhaul if you find your air conditioner is not cooling enough or makes a noisy noise or leaks water, or has stopped working altogether. Each portion of the system is dismantled in this process and then washed, restored, or replaced.

Professionals from Service Fix will tell you whether a full overhaul or just chemical cleaning is enough for your unit. The chemical wash or Ac chemical overhaul price varies depending upon the number of companies to clean or overhaul.

Do you know that without regular maintenance and servicing of Ac, the possibility of severe breakdowns of Ac will be higher? Therefore, instead of waiting for severe Ac problems to surface and result in changing a brand new Ac ,or even worse, changing the whole Ac system altogether, which is a considerable amount of money.

One of the preventive measures that can greatly reduce the possibility of severe breakdowns is by regular Ac servicing maintenance of the Ac system. All types of regular servicing maintenance to ensure proper functioning and help to extend the life-span of the Ac. In the long run, you will be able to save money while taking good care of your Ac!

  • Maintenance Services

In order to suit the needs of individual customers (Residential, Commercial & Industrial), we customizes the maintenance contract to provide the most suitable one to our customer. With proper maintenance, air conditioners will improve in its cooling efficiency without additional cost for your business.

We offer the service of Ac, which includes cleaning of the indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser and checking for your Ac system. Ac’s are recommended to be serviced regularly to increase efficiency, prevent icing and other damages. It will ensure cleaner and healthier air in your house or office. It will also prevent system breakdown, extend lifespan, and increase the cooling efficiency of the Ac system.

  • Ac Chemical Overhaul Service Chenani

Ac Chemical Overhaul services involve a very thorough process of cleaning the whole Ac unit. This  Ac servicing Chennai will ensure all parts within the Ac units are flushed and cleaned with specific cleaning chemicals.

Most importantly, over time, bacteria, hazardous models will grow in your Ac. This result in dirty air discharged from your Ac, which is harmful to your family’s health and may trigger many health problems. Thus, chemical cleaning needed to remove those bacteria, hazardous modelss, dirt and sanitize the unit.

Chemical cleaning will effectively solve Ac leakage problems, remove bad odor smell from Ac, and efficiently improve the cooling system of the Ac units and save electricity. It will help to save electricity and prolong life span of the Ac unit. Most importantly, Other than that, you will be able to get rid of the bacteria’s, models in the Ac and ensure cleaner, healthier, and fresher air in your home.

  • Professional Approach

Our experienced, qualified technicians are able to diagnose and assess the condition of Ac units. Thus, providing economical solution and resolve the existing problems, such as noisy Ac, water leaking, warm air, noisy condensing unit and more.

As an Ac repair specialists, we aim to resolve your Ac issues and make sure your Ac is performing efficiently. We also provide on the site repair depending on the issue of the Ac.

  • Checking & Troubleshooting Of Ac

This Ac servicing allows our experienced technicians to be able to troubleshoot fault in the Ac system and evaluate on the condition of the Ac unit. Thereafter, our technicians will recommend the most economical solution and advice on the cost of repair.

  • Misconceptions regarding the Ac chemical cleaning in Chennai:

We are aware that there are multiple misconceptions in public regarding the Ac chemical cleaning in Chennai. In this section, we’ll try to solve these issues and help you build confidence in what we do.

  • Damaging for the Fan Coil:

Professional Ac cleaning can guarantee that this Ac cleaning service is not damaging to your fan coil. Instead, it helps in improving the performance of your fan coil. It removes the dust and debris off from the cooling coil.

  • Normal cleaning is enough:

If you also believe that ordinary Ac cleaning in Chennai service can resolve the issues you have been facing with your air-conditioning system, you are wrong. Although regular cleaning is essential, it is nowhere close to the benefit that professional Ac cleaning brings for you. It can protect your equipment from long-term damage and enhance life and efficiency by deepening the entire system.

  • DIY overhaul clean is possible.

It is possible if you are a professional and have tried cleaning with a professional before. But if you are cleaning your Ac system just by watching videos, you might create more damage for the coil, resulting in the system’s total collapse, so be careful.

  • What is unique about the Ac chemical wash Chennai from Service Fix?

If you have any doubts regarding why should you choose us as your Ac chemical wash in Chennai Company, then here are the reasons:

We are a professional cleaning company that ensures the professional level of cleaning for all our clients. We believe in providing reliable service. Thus, providing you with an excellent value for money when finalizing the chemical overhaul price in Chennai.

We can prevent the condenser from overheating and spoil the spa parts and equipment’s inside during the Ac chemical wash Chennai.

Our dedicated staff would help you resolve your problems and provide you with tips that can save your Ac system from any potential damage or threat.

We will also check your air conditioning system’s thermostat when you will get the Ac chemical overhaul service.

Testing the entire system after the wash and providing it to you in full working condition is also included in the chemical overhaul price in Chennai you will get from Service Fix Engr.

With these unique features in your price quote, you should be sure about your choice. Book your appointment via call, and we will be there at your service.