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The installation of AC is one of the vital components of the accommodation nowadays. It affects the space of ambience and the environment in which you live.
The Ac installation in Chennai is quite necessary which are not four seasons country. Chennai is enthusiasm country include the weather, so we must take seriously to decide on installation of company.

The proper installation of the Ac systems is essential to get all the air conditioner system benefits. To get the installation of your air conditioner in the right position, the experts and trained staff from the Service Fixing can help you in the best possible way. They ensure that the air-conditioning unit is fit perfectly for maximizing quality and coolness. There are multiple benefits of installing the air-conditioning units properly. The assurance of optimal performance for cooling down the entire area is ensured if the air-conditioning system is appropriately placed.

Our expert can assure you of all these benefits because of their tremendous experience installing the air conditioners. So, hire us for getting the best services from the City Cool Engineering.

We want to put in every resource to provide you with the best value for your AC installation. At City Cool Engineering, our price policy is based on the standardized rate system. According to this system fuel price, variables affecting the AC installation and the copper commodities impact the overall rate that we charge from our customers.

In most minor price changes, we absorb the prices and do not transfer it to you. However, a high increase in raw material prices would be reflected in the prices that you would see on our website.

But this does not mean that the rates that you see on our website aren’t accurate. We guarantee that the price that you read on our website is correct and would be applicable on the recommended Ac installer in Chennai.

The price we charge is real and does not include any hidden charges or tricky costs that would increase your overall price. We only charge the price that we advertise.

The rates for the first floor and ground floor installation are different. Let’s has an overview of the introductory rates that you can get to install the AC.

For the installation of the air-conditioning system on the first floor, our charges would be SGD. This price includes everything, including the interconnecting cables, power cords, pipework, and drain tubing. Besides the labor charges are also part of this price.

2m of pipework is what you will get in this cost. Installation, testing, and commissioning are included in this cost. We will show you the demonstration of the entire air-conditioning system and its mechanism along with the disclosure of the guarantee details.

  • Ground Floor Installation:

The recommended Ac installation in Chennai of the air conditioners on the ground floor has different prices than the first floor. You’ll get the complete services in SGD. This cost includes the pipework, power cords, drain tubing, and interconnecting cables.

This pipework included in these services is 2m in length. Installation, testing and commissioning covers this cost. We’ll ensure to provide you with an overview of how your system works and the discussion of the warranty options you can avail of.

  • Installation Price for Air Conditioning:

There are specific determiners of the installation price. We’ll be discussing them here in this section.

Back to the back installation of the air-conditioned is the necessary factor in determining the price. In this installation, the internal unit needs to be mounted on the flat external surface. The compressor unit is directly behind this unit externally.

We need access to the location where you need the installation of the air-conditioned. Make sure we have the clear are for the installation.

The price that we offer has the air conditioner included only. No extras are included in this price.

We only provide these services for standardized homes and property construction. We will charge extra for the double brick construction and concrete panel type.

The industrial, commercial, and household recommended Ac installation in Chennai are all acceptable by the Service Fix. Give us a call at our number … to book your AC installation or get more information regarding the process or price of installation. We aim to provide quality services to keep your house cool for you and your family.

  • What is Covered in The Commercial Ac Installation?

Do you want to know the Ac installation cost in Chennai? Here is an overview of the cost you should expect for the services of City Cool Engineering Company.

  • The cost for the commercial Ac installation depends on the system location,piping position and the cooling capacity of system.
  • You might need to spend extra on the Chennai Ac installation services if your air-conditioning pipes need to be replaced. Our team will be able to advise you on that.
  • The complexity of piping also drives the cost factor in the Ac installation. For example, if your piping is concealed or hidden in the ceiling, you might expect a higher quote as compared to a scenario whereby the piping is easily accessible.

To get the exact quote for commercial Ac installation, contact us today!